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Their future is yours!

You’re almost certainly on this page because you love the arts. You think they’re important, too - very important for individuals and our community.

Canterbury Arts Council plays a key role in securing the future of the arts in our region by helping creative youngsters further their careers. We do this by awarding annual scholarships to talented dancers, painters, musicians, actors, designers and practitioners in other art forms.

The carefully monitored funding may be used to attend courses, buy essential equipment – anything that will enable a young person of talent to further their career. Recent awards have enabled students to attend an international flute summer school, a dance summer school and a digital photography course.

Scholarships range from £250 to £500+. Three are individually named.

This is where you can help. To secure the future of the arts locally and further afield, please consider funding an annual scholarship. This can be done anonymously or named, and as an individual or as a company / business. Named sponsors receive considerable publicity in all Canterbury Arts Council material.

For further information or to set up a scholarship, please contact the Chair or the Honorary Treasurer.

Please help us secure the future.

Thank you
Sara Kettlewell, Chair CAC


We are grateful for the support of our existing Patrons/Sponsors:

Nevill Arts Trust
Stephen and Ann Gerlis