Canterbury Arts Council (CAC) is an independent body that receives funds from Canterbury City Council, other Patrons, and subscribing members.

Its objects, in brief, are to present, or assist in presenting, public concerts, dramatic performances, recitals, arts exhibitions, lectures, arts festivals and other arts events in the Canterbury district.

CAC makes assistance available by way of support and advice, offers of guarantees against loss, and limited grant aid. Applicants may be individuals or organisations, amateur or professional.

CAC welcome, in particular, applications that involve one or more of these aspects:

Notes on Funding Application Forms

1.Eligibility: Applicants must have been a paid-up affiliate (i.e. either organisational or individual member) of CAC for a minimum of six months.

2.Types of Funding: CAC accepts applications for grants and underwriting guarantees. For individual musical, dramatic or dance events, it is usual practice to offer guarantees against loss only, although applications for grants may be considered in special circumstances.

3.Funding Rounds: CAC has limited funds available for distribution and therefore, in the interests of fairness, there are normally two funding rounds each year at which applications submitted by the closing dates of 31st May or 30th November are considered.Although applications may be submitted to CAC at any time, they must be received before the event. The CAC Executive Committee will usually meet shortly after these dates to consider the submissions, and authorise the distribution of grants and guarantees, but applicants should allow up to 6 weeks from the closing dates. For grants, funding is released immediately after approval, whereas for guarantees, payment is only made after the event has taken place and CAC has received proof of financial loss.

Please note that it is NOT possible for CAC to provide funding at other times of the year.

4.Frequency of Application: Although CAC hold two funding rounds each year, only one application per year will normally be considered from each member organisation or individual, except in special circumstances.

5.Double Funding: CAC's funding scheme is primarily funded by Canterbury City Council. We are required to check whether organisations and individuals requesting funding from the CAC have also requested or received funds directly from the City Council, and applications cannot be considered without completion of the declaration.

6.Use of Funding: All organisations & individuals receiving funding from the CAC are required to complete a report on how the allocated money was used, and successful applicants will be sent a form for completion. Failure to do so may jeopardise future applications.

7.Acknowledgement of Funding: A condition of receiving help from CAC is that there should be an acknowledgement of funding on all publicity, programmes etc., and proof may be requested before payments are made. Electronic/paper copies of the CAC's logo are available on request.